DJ Socrateez

The music philosopher, that's passionate about making people happy through 
music & partying. Main genres are Hip-Hop, Dance R&B, Dancehall Reggae, and 
Soca, but spins Pop, EDM, Classic Rock & more. 

Born in Linstead Jamaica, W.I., DJ Socrateez has…

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DJ C-Rob

The love of soulful sounds and basketball…a true, sultry kind of love that won’t let go…an equal passion for turntables and slam-dunks.  The basketball’s pounding against the earth’s pavement in a dribble vs. the pounding, pulsating beats of hip-hop music…where…

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DJ Denero

Hello I am DJ DENERO, an Atlanta native and resident, who has a love for a wide variety of music. I'm a DJ with over 15 years experience, and DJ under the moniker the party pro, because of the energy…

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DJ Ron

A true pioneer and student of sound, Ronsherick Dumas, better known as DJ Ron, began honing his craft as a musical master of ceremonies at an early age. Inspired by the sounds of his parent’s generation, and classics of Earth…

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DJ 91

DJ Type: Open format 
DJ for: Jacqueese, Issa, Snootie Wild, Juicy J, etc 
Awards: 2012 longhorn battle DJ champion 
               2013 Longhorn battle DJ champion 
               2014 battle of Tennessee DJ champion

DJ Prince Jay

Musician, DJ and 90’s House music enthusiast alike, Jamall Winn hails out of Savannah, GA.  When not performing, he spends his time with friends, traveling or building up his musical library. Having spent many years playing in local night clubs…

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DJ Tron

DJ Tron started spinning in Queens NY. After honing his skills by spinning in the local parks, talent shows and house parties he began creating a strong following in Queens. By the time DJ Tron graduated high school, he was…

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