The Gathering Spot... One of ATL's most cutting edge events venues

I was immediately impressed by The Gathering Spot because it is a space that combines technology with a social atmosphere and it also has spaces that can be rented for special events. The gathering spot is definitely one of Atlanta's most innovative venues with awesome food (I'm all about the food LOL) and extremely flexible event space so you can tailor the space to match your event. We had flat screens poppin' everwhere, red and green uplights (just an FYI... if your event doesn't don't have up lights you need to rethink your events)  and the lighted DJ Façade. The staff/service was on point!! CLICK HERE to find out more on The Gathering Spot and all that it has to offer. 
I DJ'd the holiday party for Mack II Inc. @ The Gathering Spot. I HAVE to show the utmost respect to my client "Mr. Mack".  He embodies BLACK HISTORY with several restaurant franchises in Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Some of his restaurants include: Edy's Ice Cream, Checkers and Popeyes Chicken.  

Mr. Mack owns the #1 Popeye's Franchise IN THE WORLD…For that reason alone I LOVE him... I have a special place in my heart for Popeye's (only after Bojangles - debate me on that if you will.... you won't win! LOL)  Mr. Mack employs hundreds of people and has had a positive impact on MANY lives. Kudos Mr. Mack! CLICK HERE to find out more about Mack II Inc.

Remember.. "All Events Aren't Created Equal"