Take flight for your next event...Holiday party at Delta Flight Museum

Last night I experienced a venue that made me stop and think that Atlanta has much more to offer than I have ever known.  The Delta Flight Museum is far from your average event space.  It has all kinds of interesting aviation history (I'm a history buff so I like stuff like that), an actual airplane in the venue and a working flight simulator (imagine that after a couple of glasses of wine LOL). 

My client Esquire Deposition Solutions set the tone early by partnering with myself as the DJ, Legendary Events for the outstanding decor and catering by Proof Of The Pudding. After the awards presentations and year end analysis the party went into full swing. I didn't know deposition people could party like that LOL! 

Shouts to the young lady from last night that requested "Bad and Bougie" at her company holiday party LOL.  She was ready to get lit!!!  Yea... that's gonna be a negative this time but we will make it happen at one of my other events.  Also, I have to acknowledge  the dude that wore a cape to his company holiday party.  When I say cape... I mean like a Dracula cape (I didn't get a pic but see below for an example of said cape).  Not sure where he was going with that but I give him kudos for having the stones to wear it!

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Close up view of a cockpit from a retired Delta airplane





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