The Urban Legends Djs (Disk Jockeys) is a group of professional DJs based in
Atlanta Georgia. This group of DJs has developed an initiative
called The Urban Legends DJ Academy. The Urban Legends DJ Organization
is seeking to work in cooperation with local youth organizations and schools
to implement the Urban Legends DJ Academy into the curriculum and
programs of local youth organizations and schools.

The mission of the Urban Legends Academy is to promote the positive aspects of The Hip Hop culture and rap music. This is done by going into local schools and teaching the foundation of hip hop which focused on cultural unity and creativity.

Another one of the objectives is to teach children the basics of DJing by
utilizing the turntable/CD players like other instruments that are taught in
schools. Also, The Urban Legends Academy puts emphasis on the business aspect of
the music industry. Fundamentals such as networking and entrepreneurship are
taught in addition to the history of Hip Hop and DJing. 

Please call or email for more information.